Services we offer for warranty and the lasting of pieces.

3-Year Warranty: The Barthelemy Warranty

At Barthelemy, every detail reflects the excellence and exclusivity that define our values. With the "3-Year Warranty" program, we guarantee the quality of your Swim Shorts for three years, accompanying you on your adventures around the world.

If you need to activate the warranty against defects, our team of Personal Shoppers will be ready to assist you with evaluation, repair, or replacement.

To care for your Swim Shorts, follow the provided instructions to preserve the fabric quality and ensure that the vibrant colors and distinctive details remain impeccable over time.

  • Exclusion for Misuse: While we are committed to maintaining the functional integrity of our products, it is important to note that this warranty does not apply to aesthetic damage or wear and tear resulting from misuse.

  • Always follow the washing instructions on the product label, avoid contact with cosmetics that may cause permanent stains on the fabric, and keep away from abrasive surfaces that could damage it.

Free Lifetime Repairs

Our creative philosophy is based on designing collections that transcend time, without boundaries, beyond trends and seasons.

From the fusion of traditional and contemporary come ideas brought to life by skilled artisans and designers. Each piece carries in its DNA not only our history but also the idea that good things are made to last. That’s why we developed the “Free Lifetime Repair” program, an unlimited and no-cost service that allows you to care for your Barthelemy wardrobe, whether through adjustments to fit changes in your body measurements or repairs when possible.

"Free Lifetime Repairs" is an important step in our journey towards a more sustainable future, minimizing environmental impact through conscious consumption.

  • Following the washing instructions is an important step to maintain the quality and preserve each piece. Our Personal Shoppers are available to assist you if you have any questions.

  • Natural fibers such as linen and cotton, especially in dark colors and eco-friendly dyes, may fade over time. Careful handling will ensure the beauty and longevity of your garments.

In-Store Tailoring Services

Artisanal Heritage: Our essence was born from the art of bespoke tailoring. This heritage is reflected in each of our creations, where we revive classics through unique contemporary reinterpretations.

Personalized Experience: Our Personal Shoppers specialized in tailoring are available to ensure each piece fits not only your body but also your style and personal preferences.

Perfect Fit:
Our adjustment experts are prepared to guarantee a perfect fit, tailoring each piece to the diversity of bodies and styles, enhancing the best of those who wear them.

No Additional Cost:
All adjustments are offered in our physical stores at no additional cost.